Prince Albert Skills School

Competence and Dignity / Vaardigheid en Waardigheid

A project of Mondibel vzw

Mondibel vzw is a Belgium-based Development-aid organisation that has been active in North-South cooperation for more than 10 years. It was founded in 2007 with the primary aim of strengthening initiatives in the interest of children and young people in vulnerable situations. Mondibel operated for years in Nepal to improve the living conditions of children in poverty, which included the establishment of an orphanage. In recent years the focus of its efforts and spending have shifted to supporting sustainable long-term projects that assist entire communities, such as building schools, training citizens, funding students, and health care. One such project is the Prince Albert Skills School (PASS) in South Africa which Mondibel vzw has been involved in since the start of 2020. It is the second major undertaking after the Nepalese orphanage that we are supporting fully.

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