Although we are working on the self-sufficiency of our project over time, we are still dependent on your support.

If you would like to support us in some way, with donations, materials or as a volunteer, please feel free to contact us.

Banking details:
Accountname: Prince Albert Skills School
Accountnumber: 9330930936

Events from Into the Night Events

We have been cooperating with the organisation ‘Into the Night Events’ for some time now. With them, we organise various events such as performances and dance parties.
One of our most memorable initiatives was Summer Garden. Here, amongst others, Jelle Cleymans, Guy Swinnen, Patrick Riguelle, Nigel Williams,… gave the best of themselves for the good cause. Thanks to these events, we are able to raise a nice amount of money each year to finance our project. You can find more information on www.

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